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Grade 8 graduation is an exciting time for any teen and it has become a pretty big dealwith many young girls looking to finding their very first “perfect dress”.

We offer a vast selection of graduation dresses, semi formal dresses and casual dresses in a variety of silhouettes, colors, and sizes and budget for your special occasion.  Shop early to reserve your perfect dress.

Graduation Dress Shopping Tips:

  • Shop early. Many moms think that because Grad usually happens in June that shopping in April or May for a dress is plenty of time. That would be wrong. Peak selection is available in February or March so start early. It may be a longer process than you expect.

  • Determine budget
    . Obviously depending on the style of graduation dress you’re looking for they really range in price.  Figure out what you’re willing to spend, and discuss it with your daughter beforehand to avoid any disappointment.  Realistically, expect to spend at least $100-$200 before any extras.

  • Keep an open mind.
    Don’t set too many expectations of style or color right off the bat.  Be open to trying on different colors and styles. Some dresses have no hanger appeal but translate really well on the body.  Listen to the salesperson and try on some of their suggestions as they are familiar with how the dresses look on different body types.

  • Be prepared for alterations
    Don’t be surprised if a dress in the right size but still doesn’t fit perfectly.  99% of the time dresses will require some form of alterations to fit perfectly.

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